Planning for Drought in America – Dam Construction

There were days when the flanks of Grand Mesa would be covered by snow, but for the most part of the recent winters, the flanks have been snowless. Skiers have mostly been disappointed, as have been the fish coming in through summer. The winter view from the Grand Junction is[…]

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Ice Fishing on the Flaming Gorge

Just southwest of Wyoming and the north-eastern part of Utah lies a prominent geographical feature, the Flaming Gorge Lake – a national recreational area. Apart from its primary purpose as a reservoir, it serves as a perfect site for multipurpose recreational activities. The Flaming Gorge covers an area of 170[…]

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Putting in Every Effort to Save Dams – Flaming Gorge

No place is safe from terrorism in today’s world, not even our dams. Flaming Gorge Dam in Utah is a great example of it. From motion sensors to security cameras, it has got security system of the highest level. The attacks of world trade center has changed everything in the[…]

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