Boating Enthusiasts’ Paradise – The Flaming Gorge Reservoir Experience

Many of the boating enthusiasts around America who love to travel around the country and explore the place through land and boats, hardly know about the boating experience at Flaming Gorge Reservoir. Most people don’t realize that this fantastic reservoir has everything that a boating enthusiast looks for when it comes to experience. The adventure is best suited for fishermen, boaters, water sports junkies and pleasure cruisers. Most people who motor home, tour the country by land with a boat attached to their vehicle. The best-suited boat for motor homes is usually big ones. People don’t realize that having so much space does not allow you to experience all waterways.  A little smaller boat will give you twice the adventure for a cheaper cost as well.

In the year 1964, the Flaming Gorge Reservoir was created. The dam was 550 feet long that covered the entire northwestern side of Utah. The primary purpose of the dam was too create electricity for the Colorado River Storage Project. Other benefits accompanied the construction of the dam, and the best one is the spectacular charm that comes with enjoying a boating experience on the reservoir.

At First Sight

The entire dam is not visible unless you travel a distance of 1530 miles from Michigan. The good thing about motor homing is that you have the luxury to take breaks and enjoy the scenery. Other who want to do a long weekend away from home is also able to reach the site pretty quickly. You will need to take a tour down the winding roads that go on for about 4 miles from Green River in Wyoming toward Lucerne Valley Marina. The reservoir got its name from the beautiful red colors that are reflected from the limestone, sandstone and mudstone walls that surround the water.

At first, you will need to make your way around Boars Tusk and into the Horseshoe Canyon. The beauty of the canyon walls I that it is over 1000 feet high and is about 200-feet from the edge of the water. The picture-perfect sky is a beautiful addition to the entire scenery. From this position, you will boat though to the canyons of Kingfisher and hideout and into a Red Canyon that is over 10 miles long. The colors and the contrast of the picturesque surrounding only get better from here. There are several other canyons that you will pass on your cruise through the reservoir and some way it is as serene as boating through a quiet cathedral.

Onward to the Dam

For those who love a sandy beach, the Trail Creek is at the end of the dam at a seven-mile distance from the dam. The beach is sandy and is a nice contrast to the canyon’s rock. The closer you move to the dam from your position near the beaches you will find that the waters turn darker and more in-depth. Good news for those who have had a tiring boating experience is that there is a camp to relax and rejuvenate on your adventure too. These bat camps are perfect for overnight docking and cost a small amount.