Putting in Every Effort to Save Dams – Flaming Gorge

No place is safe from terrorism in today’s world, not even our dams. Flaming Gorge Dam in Utah is a great example of it. From motion sensors to security cameras, it has got security system of the highest level. The attacks of world trade center has changed everything in the world, the dam which once only had basic protection is now costing us millions of dollars every year for its security. But being in remote location doesn’t mean it can be accessed, any glitch in its security can have hazardous results. Security always seems waste of money till anything bad happens.

If there’s an attack on the dam, we can only assume the destruction. The most dangerous scenario would be, if all of its water escapes from the dam. It would be absolutely disastrous, but unlikely. Downstream communities would be most affected by the attack. But these are just assumptions, it’s very hard to predict the real impact of any terrorist attack. The administration has removed all the maps and reports regarding possibility of any mishap and its effect on the dam.

Some people also question the security and amount of money spent on it. They say that with this money, work could’ve been done on maintenance and proper functioning of the dam. Some argue that by fearing so much, we are actually doing want terrorists want us to do. We are spending our money on things which were not so important a few years ago. There are some benefits in this too, local people feel safer than before, if they sense anything wrong, they directly go to the security officials. Some people say that it has given more importance to the region which was ignored before.

If we talk about the history of the dam, it was inaugurated by Lady Bird Johnson in 1964, six years after its construction began in 1958. States of Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada and Nebraska are getting benefits from the dam. It has also become a major tourist hub, more than 50,000 people visit the dam every year. Many new jobs opportunities have been created by the tourism created by the dam. Given that, reaching the dam in itself is not an easy task, it’s a very big deal. There are not many options to reach the dam, you can reach the dam only by one road, US highway 191.

Questions will always be raised on every action, but our security is our topmost priority. We can’t let another attack like 9/11 on our soil. It is matter our pride and our people’s safety. We are winning this battle as long as we are being able to keep threats at bay and hopefully we will keep winning.