The Beauty and Surreal Experience on The Green River

Green River is amidst rugged outdoors, beautiful scenery and abundant recreation. It attracts nature-lovers and thrill-seekers. Right from wildlife watching to world-class fishing to sports complexes, kayaking, river rafting, and swimming, you can find all that you need to savour, with Wyoming in one corner.

About Green River, Wyoming

In 1869, John Wesley Powell identified the Green River beauty on his way to the Grand Canyon. However, today Green River is a recreational hot spot, offering fun throughout the year. It provides a chance to see the diverse wildlife of Wyoming. It is enjoyed by naturalists and go-getters alike. The natural aura of the area is preserved carefully in public lands with parks, trails and rock formations.

Things to Do

  • Shop, eat and experience the New West Spirit in historic downtown
  • Hike among rock formations
  • Visit Sweetwater County Museum to know about the outlaws and heritage of Wyoming
  • Indulge in the adventure of two-wheeled at Green River Bike Park or explore marked mountain biking trail of 30 miles
  • Kayak at Whitewater Park and have fun on Expedition Island at the Tubing Channel
  • Remember to take the Wild Horse Loop with a tour

Powerful Beauty of the Green River

The Green River beholds its majestic beauty and is an ideal place for outdoor adventure fit from ages five and up. This one-day trip is for a length of 12 miles and is perfect for beginners. The Green River has ancient roots stemming to the Shoshone Indians. The local Native-Americans referred it to as the Prairie Hen River. It was renamed Green River or the Rio Verde, in the early 19th century.

The Green River is the most significant stream and river in Utah. Its origins are in Wyoming, and it winds through Mountains and passes steadily through Colorado for a forty-mile journey. The Green River majorly lies within the Utah state featuring a 730 miles total length with 450 miles that is located within Utah. The Green River twists from 6000 feet to 3000 feet through striking elevations above sea level and empties into the Uinta Basin and the Uinta Mountains. The Green River cuts through striking canyons, and it includes Horseshoe, Flaming Gorge, and Kingfisher Canyons. The river exits the Red Canyon, at the basin before crossing Colorado flows into Browns Park.

High Desert

The entire river highlights the vegetative plants of the desert and its flora-life. The vegetation includes aspen, giant pines, juniper, firs, sagebrush, pinyon, cactus, cottonwoods, willows, and tamarisk. The riparian plants and the desert contrast form a scenic offering tot he spectator. The animals found in this area include rabbits, squirrels, deer, coyotes, elk, and bighorn sheep. The reptilian life includes various lizard varieties, snakes, and toad. Avian species are in plenty, especially near river water and visitors can witness eagles swooping down for prey if possible. There are regular expeditions that start at Utah and go into the wilderness through a white water rafting excursion and offers a united feel with nature and the geological history of the Green River.